About Us

The Centre shall have the following objectives:
The primary objectives of the Centre are specifically directed towards
Socially, physically and intellectually challenged children and adults of all races and creeds.

To develop people with disabilities by providing them with: 
Appropriate education.(Islamic & Secular)
Skills training and development
Care and supervision.
Recreation and sport

To share a non-racial institute where socially, physically and intellectually challenged children can learn together in an uplifting environment, thereby promoting fellowship amongst man. To provide facilities, healthcare, in all forms for socially, intellectually, physically challenged children and adults from the community.

To become involved in the care and support of socially, physically & intellectually challenged children, this includes the implementation of developmental programmes for re-integration into the community.
To provide an integrated and holistic service too socially, physically & intellectually challenged children and their families.
Orientate and initiate training programmes for socially challenged children
To assist and promote religious, social, cultural, spiritual and educational advancement of the Muslim community and to propagate and uphold Islam in all spheres of life.

To establish, build and maintain Madressahs, Orphanages, and Libraries, crèches, Nursery schools, educational and cultural institutions for the benefit of socially, physically & intellectually challenged children. To publish and distribute informativeliterature on socially, physically and intellectually challenged children.

In order to achieve its objects, the Centre will be entitled to receive donations from the general public in South Africa and from foreign donors and to generate funds to be used exclusively for the purposes as contemplated and to do all such other things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of such objects.