Out Team

Hafiz Mohammed HaniefLaily (Ameer, Chairman)
MuallimahHomayrahEbrahim (Administrator, Care-giver, Teacher-counsellor]
Fatima Bodiyat (part Time)
Abdullah Anthony Dzowa
Violet Zungu

Nazmira Ebrahim
Beginning with career-filled opportunities, after completing my matric, I found myself choosing a path in the business world. I studied logistics management for three years and was sure this was where my heart was, that is until I married my husband Abu-Bakr Ebrahim. I was introduced to his world, his family, his life. Soon after meeting his sister Muallimah Homayrah I learnt about the Al-Zabihcentre. She was to leave for Hajj soon and I volunteered to give a helping hand, just for a period of time, not realizing it would be the turning point in my life. Being with these specially blessed children has given me a new breath in life and a sense of fulfillment which I’ve always been looking for. I wake up with a smile every morning, looking forward to another day to spend with my little treasures at Madressah. I love them unconditionally. The best reward for me is when I see them love me back in the same way. This is nothing like my dream of the business world… this is a dream come true of the real world.

Shireen Ghanchi
Due to my many years of experience in working with children that have learning challenges I have acquired the passion, and know how, to help them according to their needs. Each person is unique and has his or her own strengths and weakness. Lots of support, patience and encouragement are required to bridge the gap. Being part of the Al-Zabih Centre, has given me much more fulfillment. Here we also have physically and intellectually challenged people. That lovely innocent smile that you are showered with is enough to brighten your day.

Maymoonah Monkge
My name is MaymonahMonkge Married with two children. I am a care giver and I used to work with very sick people. While taking care of them I would visit them at there homes, making sure they were in a clean environment, eating healthy and taking the correct medication. It was very challenging as they were child headed families. Currently I’m working for the Al-ZabihCentre, it is not difficult, as I previously worked with orphaned children. To me all children are special in there own way. Now that I work with physically and intellectually challenged children, I realize that they also have their own way of doing things, they also need to be loved and taken care of. Special people have been created for a purpose. They are a gift from Allah Ta’allah. The most important thing in my life is to see a smile on the face of these Special children.

Hawa Bibi Jassat
I am an Apa at the Al-Zabih Centre. I have completed a Montessori Course a few years ago and my true passion was to teach.My journey began at Al-Zabih when I met ApaHomayrah. She showed me the environment of Deen and the love of Quraan. I started teaching in the most special class of the Madressah. It has been challenging but I have learnt to be more patient, loving and caring, all qualities required to be amongst these very special people. I really love being here and make Duaa that Allah takes me from strength to strength and makes meguidance unto mankind. Ameen

Basheera Hussain Gamildien
My relationship with the Al-Zabih Centre began when I volunteered at the first Jalsa in 2009.I remember hearing a beautiful recital of Quraan by alittle boy with an outstanding voice, with him were two little girls. Their Nana (Grandfather) was co-ordinating there program on stage, this is when I found out they wereApaHomayra’s children.It was the first time I heard such young children read Quraan so flawlessly. Later that evening when Moulana HassanMurchie spoke about how he teaches blind children to read QuraanSharief he explained that the chalk board of a blind child was his chest and back.I wanted my own children to recite Quraan with such devotion. Later I got to know that Al-Zabih started lessons for Quraan on Saturdays, being a mixed class formummies and young ones, I attended.Alhamdulillah my daughter is reciting Quraan much better now. This class was not only allocated to Quraan but also included a variety of other subjects. I spoke to many people during this time, telling them of the results achieved at the Al-Zabih Centre.

I went on to participate in the second Jalsa and there after I attended a course on home care and first aid. After completing the course and considering my profession in beauty therapy, I found the opportunity to providemassage therapy and exercises for the children at the Madressah.

This was a great challenge at first but soon I found my expertise could be beneficial to these specially blessed children. With the correct assistance they have the energy and ability to achieve basic life skills and become functional human beings in society. May Almighty Allah grant my children the true love of Quraanand use me for the correct service of his Deen. Ameen.

Violet Sibanda
I am blessed with two children a daughter Lulu and son Luther. I really wanted to complete school and study further but this seemed impossible after the birth of my son, who was born with severe brain damage, with the result he is profoundly challenged. I do everything for him, feeding, bathing, dressing and nappy changes. I was happy and much relaxed to hear about the Al-Zabih outreach program on Tuesdays and Thursdays and began bringing Luther for his exercises, there after I enrolled him into the daily school and madressah. Luther is happy and much more relaxed, with therapy he is receiving everyday he is now able to sit and hold things. Due to my sons special needs I was unable to work. One day my son’s vice principle asked me if I could join her staff attending a Home based care course, which I did, and today I am happily working at Al-Zabih centre. I am learning and experiencing many things with the special children, this being an advantage to me since I am a mummy of a very special son. The staff is so encouraging and supportive; I am coping well and looking forward to new experiences.

Abdullah Anthony Dzowa
I am Married and blessed with two daughters. I completed Grade ten in 1997. Last year I started working for the Al-Zabih centre as a facilitator. In my class are two severely challenged students, whom I teach life skills with hope that somedaythey may be able to do for themselves, Insha-Allah. Amongst the many things I’ve learnt is patience with children, and to care for these special children as my own. This has been my choice of work because caring for special people brings great reward not only in this world but also in the hereafter.I take this opportunity to say thank you to the Al-Zabih Centre for allowing me to participate in the Home Based Care and First Aid course. I have now become a part of the Home Care Program and our motto is “a service to mankind for the pleasure of Allah”.I make Duaa that Almighty Allah grants me devotion and sincerity in all my work. Ameen.