Just some of the parent’s du’as. Please make du’a for them as well and may Allah reward you.

Name: Mohammed Zabihullah
Age:5 years
Disability:Down Syndrome
Dua : The blessing of memorising the Holy Quraan ( HAFIZ )

Name: Fatima Mohameddi
Age: 29 Years
Disability: Down Syndrome
Dua: I know that that she will need help throughout life but I would like her to be as independent and self-sufficient as can be.

Name: Luther Zungu
Disability: Destonia
Age: 7 years
Prayer: He becomes most independent and is able to school so that he is given a chance to better life.

Name: Musabiha Mohammed
Disability: Cerebral palsy
Age: 15 years
Dua: The blessing and guidance of Allah Ta’allah in assisting Musabiha in realising her dreams & aspirations enabling her to lead a wholesome and independent life.

Name: Zainub Omar
Disability: unknown (unable to walk, speak, etc)
Age:7 years
Dua: We make dua that Zainub recovers completely,Almighty gives her the ability to walk, talk granting her independence.

Name: Mohammed Sujee
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy, Destonia
Age: 37 years
Dua: Mohammed always desired education but it has not been possible due to his profound needs may the Almighty compensate him more beautifully in Jannah.

Name: Sajida Mohammed
Disability: Epileptic, ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder)
Age: 13 years
Dua: Allah makes her pious and independent.

Name: Zuhra Rahman
Disability: Epileptic, ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder)
Age: 7 years
Dua: Inshallah one day she must be able to take up some kind of a profession
Or at least be self sufficient.

Name: Anees Mazari
Disability: Unknown
Age: 4 years
Dua: I make dua That my son start talking and Allah gives him an independent

Name: Mohammed Jassat
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy
Age: 25 years

Name: Bilaal Jasaat
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy
Age:19 years