Jalsa 2009

Many said thereafter.
At the beginning of the year 2009 Madressah Al-Zabih decided to host a Jalsa not the usual everyday, but a special Jalsa with special people. Through the assistance of Moulana Hasan Murchie (Principal of Madressah–An-Noor for the blind) and his remarkable team two dedicated Apa’s namely Apa Farzanah from Madressah Ihsan & Apa Zubieda from LMA Madressah & the blessed parents our Jalsa was held at the Bazme Adab hall 14th March 2009. AL-ZABIH AWARENESS JALSA 2009 was the first in the muslim community in South Africa, perhaps in the world which was host to approximately 650 guest, only special people participated and all that attended were truly blessed to be apart of it. The true fact is that we have gained a special appreciation for the little miracles in life that others take for granted.

Allhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah) the Al-Zabih will Inshallah be hosting its 3rd annual Jalsa on the 17 September 2011.

Name: Mohammed Zabihullah
Age: 5 years
Disability: Down Syndrome
Dua : The blessing of memorising the Holy Quraan ( HAFIZ )

Name: Fatima Mohameddi
Age: 29 Years
Disability: Down Syndrome
Dua: I know that that she will need help throughout life but I would like her to be as independent and self-sufficient as can be.

Name: Mohammed Azhar
Disability: cerebral palsy, Epileptic, C Spine, Scoliosis,
Age: 10 Years
Dua: Mohammed Azhar has been a means of much love and sacrifice in this world and may he be a means of Jannah for his parents, and family.

Name: Maleeha
Disability: Unknown (unable to talk etc)
Age: 4 years
Dua: Little Maleeha learns to talk, school and lead as normal a life as possible.

Name: Luther Zungu
Disability: Destonia
Age: 7 years
Wish: He becomes most independent and is able to school so that he is given a chance to better life.

Name: Musabiha Mohammed
Disability: Cerebral palsy
Age: 15 years

Name: Mohammed Sujee
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy, Destonia
Age: 37 years

Name: Sajida Mohammed
Disability: ADD(Attention Defecit Disorder)
Age: 14 years

Name: Zuhra Rahman
Disability: Epileptic, ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder)
Age: 7 years

Name: Anees Mazari
Disability: Unknown
Age: 4 years

Name: Mohammed Jassat
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy
Age: 25 years

Name: Bilaal Jasaat
Disability: Epileptic, Cerebral palsy
Age: 19 years