Welcome to Al-Zabih

Welcome to our new website, Al-Zabih.

The AL-Zabih Centre is a community based organization which caters to the needs of people with intellectual, developmental and physical challenges. We focus on early intervention andstimulation for babies from the ageof 6 monthsto 3 years, education and self-care from 4 years, independence and self worth for adults.

“I, as the mum went through intense depression and everytime the issue of my son was brought up I cried, I remained silent about my sons condition, I even hid it to some extent. My father, (of whom I am the only daughter) totally refused to listen to anything. He visited my home daily to see Mohammed Zabihullah but he was in total denial. It took time but with the grace of the Almighty Allah he came through with such a positive attitude, which has done us all tremendous good…” read more

We hope that you enjoy your stay and that we are an inspiration to you. We would LOVE to hear your story.

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